Aims and goals

Our main aim is to share information, to promote awareness of and to stimulate research into Galactosaemia within Europe.

Our aims and objectives in detail are

  • to promote the educational and social welfare of persons affected by Galactosaemia
  • to lobby for changes in European law which affect the galactosaemic patient and the careers of the galactosaemic patient,
  • to promote awareness of the disease within the medical and teaching professions and within the food and pharmaceutical industries
  • to lobby for better disclosure in the labeling of foods and pharmaceuticals
  • to stimulate and co-ordinate scientific and medical research into Galactosaemia
  • to give and to distribute information to its members and other interested parties.
  • to install a data bank and a library with all studies and information about Galactosaemia, with national food lists, national newsletters and similar documentation,
  • to give information to affected persons travelling in a European country (food lists, addresses for emergency and similar information),
  • to co-ordinate methods of treatment in Europe
  • to organise meetings
  • to promote the establishment of national societies
  • to organize holiday-exchanges for affected children
  • to undertake projects and co-operate in undertakings that promote the aims of the society, and to undertake activities in support of the aims of its members and the interest of the society as a whole.