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Please support the GalNet and the Patient registry

Before registration we would like to ask you for a donation to support the GalNet and their continuous effort to improve live of Galactosaemia patients and their families.

The GalNet is an International network for galactosemia and was established in 2012 with great support of the European Galactosemia Society.. It includes professionals from 18 European countries, Israel, US, Australia and several South American countries.

The GalNet focuses on the advancement of research, diagnosis, treatment and follow-up care of galactosemic patients by close collaboration among the various stakeholders, clinicians, researchers, nutritionists, and patients and families.

The GalNet activities are funded by the local universities except for the website and the patient registry.

Websites are fundamental to find and share information and contacts across the world and patient registries are crucial for the successful development of therapies in rare diseases.

The GalNet is looking for help to fund the hosting cost of the GalNet website and the Patient registry, so if you’re as happy as we are with the work of the GalNet please feel free to make a generous donation.

Thanks on behalf of the GalNet and the EGS.