EGS-GalNet Webinar 2020 Videos & Presentations

Here you can have a look at the videos we recorded during the EGS-GalNet Webinar 2020 on the 23rd and 24th of October. We’re still working on translations and subtitles. For latest status check with the local Galactosemia Support Group in your country.

If you scroll down you can find the pdf-versions of the presentations used during the webinar.

1. Opening EGS-GalNet 2020 Webinar and future therapies by Prof. E. Rubio & Prof. G. Berry

4. Galactosemia Diet Guidelines update 2020 by L. Robertson & P. Portnoi

7. GalNet Panel Q&A and closure of the EGS-GalNet Webinar 2020

2. International Guidelines Diet and recent related research by Dr. A. Bosch & Prof. E. Treacy

5. Bone Mineral Density and Classical Galactosemia by Dr. B. Panis

3. Female reproductive system in Classical Galactosemia (Fertility) by Dr. C. Gubbels

6. Newborn Screening for Galactosemia by Dr. M. Gautschi .

Please find below the pdf-versions of the presentations

  1. Opening and introduction EGS

2. Introduction GalNet

3. Future treatment strategies

4. Classical Galactosemia Diet

5. Galactosaemia diet

6. The female reproductive system

7. International Diet Guidelines in practice

8. Introduction and closure Webinar Day 2

9. Newborn Screening for Galactosemia

10. Bone Metabolism in Classical Galactosemia